Monday 8 August 2011

Jettec packaging design

Below are the two sizes of blister packaging the Jettec produce, with explanations of all the elements. All Jettec printer cartridge packaging is made from a minimum of 50% reprocessed or recycled materials.
Artwork created for the new blister packaging has been simplified to help consumers identify the cartridge for their specific printer.

What do the numbers and text mean?
  1. The amount of extralife the cartridge is capable of producing, compared to an original equivalent cartridge.
  2. The quick reference number for the cartridge with the end letter signifying the colour i.e. B = Black. This is cross referenced with the original part number to assist in identification.
  3. Full compatibility listing of the printers the cartridge can be used in.
  4. Colour bar and dosage amount for the specific cartridge.
  5. Individual product barcode and the Jettec part number reference.
  6. Background image to help in remembering and locating the correct group of carridges for a specific printer model.
  7. Web address information.
  8. Instructions for activating the extralife (if appropriate to the product).
  9. Information section for installing the cartridge.
  10. Intellectual property rights statement.
  11. Awards and certification logos.
  12. LGA Tested and verified logo certification (if appropriate to the product).

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