Thursday 30 September 2010

Printers - Finding Cheap Ink Jet Cartridges

Printer users will know how expensive it is to buy new printer cartridges for your ink jet printer. The best way to save money is to buy cheap inkjet cartridges. Finding cheap ink jet cartridges can be easy if you know where to look for then. There are mainly two ways of buying printer cartridges – shop online or from a supermarket or local retail store.
The internet is the best place to buy cheap ink jet cartridges. Due to increase in demand for printer cartridges many printer suppliers find it profitable to sell their products online. The online dealers have their websites, which offer information on the various types of ink jet cartridges available for purchase. Most online sellers offer discounts, especially on bulk purchases. These are really useful for office set-ups.  Shopping online gives you the option of comparing the prices offered by the different sellers and choose the cheapest discounted price. Visit three to four websites before placing your order.  We recommend that you start with UK Ink Supplies.
But care has to be taken when you are buying online. Make sure that you buy from reputed online printer suppliers. Reputed dealers give guarantees on their products and service. Some even replace faulty cartridges without any extra charge. Buying cheap ink jet cartridges online doesn't mean that you save only on the product. You can also save on shipping and travelling expenses as well. Online dealers may have free shipping facilities if you spend over a certain amount.
The other option of finding cheap ink jet cartridges may be your local retail computer supplies store. Though prices of ink jet cartridges at retail stores are considerably higher than those offered by the online stores, sometimes the retail stores may also offer discounted prices on their printer supplies. So, watch out for deals, discounts and offers from the retail store.

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Friday 17 September 2010

Jet Tec inkjet cartridges - Jet Tec printer cartridges - Jettec from

Jet Tec Ink Cartridges

Print More. Pay Less.
Jet Tec are one of the world's leading manufacturers of alternative inkjet supplies, producing compatible and recycled printer cartridge products. Jet Tec inkjet cartridges are made in the UK by DCI Ltd and are compatible with the latest and most popular types of printers. Jet Tec has been established for over 25 years at its UK manufacturing base and is renowned for the quality, reliability and patented technology of their products. The quality of Jet Tec products is second to none. Jet Tec is an ISO 9001 registered company. ISO 9001 procedures are applied throughout the entire manufacturing facility. Jet Tec's self-reliance in the total manufacturing process ensures the tightest control over quality.
  • Established in 1989
  • British Manufacturer with over 300 employees
  • Extensive in-house R&D department
  • Winner of the Queen's Award for Export
  • Winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise:Innovation
  • ISO9001 Certified
  • ISO14001 Certified
  • In house ink formulation and production laboratory
  • State of the art, custom built factory and tool making department
At we only stock products that we believe represent the best value and quality on the market, we have nearly a decade of experience selling Jet Tec products throughout Europe and the world and firmly believe that switching to Jet Tec will change the way you think about printing.

Extra Life
Most Jet Tec cartridges supplied for Canon and Epson printers offer unique technology called "Extra Life". With many ink cartridges it is common to find that the printer reports the cartridge as empty whilst there is still ink in the cartridge. Extra Life technology ensures that every last drop of the ink in the cartridge is utilised - giving you more prints and better value. All Jet Tec cartridges are guaranteed to print at least the same amount as the original cartridge.

Better For The Environment
Jet Tec adhere to the highest environmental processes in the production and design of their cartridges. Many of today's manufacturers of printer cartridges are based in China, with the long distance transportation involved there are huge volumes of greenhouse gases emitted. Jet Tec products are manufactured in the UK and therefore travel a shorter distance. Combine this with the commitment of using land and sea based transport to transfer our goods between our distribution centres and you can be certain that carbon emissions are kept to an absolute minimum.

Unique Patented Technology
Jet Tec cartridges may look different from the original cartridge supplied by your printer manufacturer. This is because the technology built in to the cartridge is unique and patented by Jet Tec. The cartridges are guaranteed to deliver the same number of prints as the original cartridge and in some cases can deliver significantly more prints than the original. All the cartridges are manufactured in the UK at a custom built facility with the highest quality assurance and manufacturing processes implemented.

Bring Your Pictures To Life
You want to save money and you still want that photo of your granddaughters first birthday or your son's graduation to look as dazzling as the moment they were taken when you share them with friends and family. Jet Tec cartridges match the original manufacturers guidelines for light-fastness ensuring that your precious moments stay as true as your memories for a lifetime.

Jet Tec Guarantee
All Jet Tec products are fully guaranteed against defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a Jet Tec inkjet product then please return the product to Jet Tec with proof of purchase for a full refund.
Jet Tec guarantees that, when instructions have been followed diligently its products will not cause damage when used in original manufacturers cartridges that are not faulty before refilling. Jet Tec shall not be liable for any damage caused when not used in accordance with the instructions.
Jet Tec shall not be liable to the buyer if any damage or abnormal wear to a printer that is claimed to have been caused by use of a Jet Tec product, could have been caused by goods not supplied by Jet Tec used in the printer before or after the use of a Jet Tec product.
Free Helpline: 0800 0282 488 (Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5pm).

Thursday 2 September 2010

Glossary of terms used in this blog.

Hi there,

I thought that it might be useful to all of our readers (Ivor) that I compile a glossary to explain the terms used on this blog and also on our UK Ink Supplies here they are:

Brother is an international company which specialises in laser toners amongst a vast range of products.  Other products include ink cartridges for Brother printers.

Canon are a Japan based international company who specialise in printer manufacturing and printing consumables.

Cartridge Flush
The Jet Tec ink cartridge flush is designed primarily to clean dried ink from the printhead of your printer.  This helps to improve the cartridge efficiency and result in higher quality prints.

Chip Resetter
A chip resetter is a device which can be used with some cartridges (usually Epson) to reset the chip and therefore enabling it to be used again after refilling and also so that you can have some idea of how many prints you have left.  Jet Tec are a UK manufacturer of Chip Resetters.

Compatible Cartridges
We supply Jet Tec compatible cartridges. Compatible cartridges are brand new cartridges supplied by an independent manufacturer, like Jet Tec. Compatible cartridges are manufactured to the same standards as original cartridges but are normally significantly cheaper. Any Compatible cartridges supplied to you by us are 100% guaranteed by their manufacturer.  Jet Tec ink cartridges offer an outstanding quality of print.

Dell is an international company based in America; they supply a variety of services to the consumer industry including: developing, manufacturing, supporting and marketing a range of electronic products which include cartridges and printers.

A worldwide corporation based in Japan. It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers cartridges as well as printers themselves.

A fuser is a part of a laser printer, made of a roller and a back up roller. The fuser applies heat and pressure to ensure that the toner stays there permanently. This is why pages from a laser printer are warm when they come out of the printer.

Hewlett Packard (HP)
Commonly known as HP, Hewlett Packard is a market leader in computer based products including inkjet and laser printers and consumables.


Ink is the liquid which contains dyes and/or pigments which is used for colouring a page surface to produce graphics or text.

Inkjet Cartridge
An ink cartridge is a replaceable component of an ink jet printer that contains the ink (and sometimes the print-head itself) that is spread on paper during printing. Each ink cartridge contains one or more partitioned ink reservoirs; certain manufacturers also add electronic contacts and a chip that communicates with the printer.  This allows for the printer to recognise how much ink is left in the printer cartridge.

Ink Refill Kit
An ink refill kit is a cheap and effective way of replacing the ink in an empty printer cartridge.  This is a far cheaper method than buying a replacement ink cartridge.

Laser Printer
This is a very common type of printer and widely used by businesses in offices. It produces copies which are of a high standard. This type of printing is a Xerographic printing process.

Laser Toner Cartridge
A laser toner cartridge is a consumable item used within a printer to print. A toner cartridge can be with or without OPC (Organic Photo Conductor) depending on the type of cartridge. It has Toner powder (A type of powdery ink). Once used most Toner Cartridges can be recycled.  Both Jet Tec and GreenTech produce a range of remanufactured laser toner printer cartridges.

Photo Paper
Until the advent of digital photographic processes, the sole meaning of photographic paper was paper coated with light-sensitive chemicals. So-called photo papers of today are often specially coated papers for use in inkjet or laser printers to make digital prints. This definition focuses on traditional photographic papers. Photographic paper may be exposed to light in a controlled manner either by placing a negative in contact with the paper directly (contact printing) or by using an enlarger (enlarging) in order to create a latent image. Photographic papers are subsequently developed using wet chemicals to create a visible image.

Print Head
A Print head is the device that sprays the ink onto the piece of paper. It can be either part of the ink cartridge, or an integral component of the printer.  Usually, HP printers will have cartridges with a print head, while Epson will use a print head that is integral to the printer itself.

Printer Ribbon
A printer ribbon is an inked strip of cloth. It works by making an impression of the text, not too disimilar to they way a typewriter would work. An example of the type of printer which would use this type of ink is a Dot Matrix Printer.

Remanufactured Ink and Laser Toner Cartridges
Remanufacturing is the process of disassembly and recovery at the module level and, eventually, at the component level. It requires the repair or replacement of worn out or obsolete components and modules remanufacturing of toner and Inkjet cartridges has saved millions of cartridges from being dumped on refill sites, and brought cost savings to the consumers.  Jet Tec and GreenTech both produce a range of remanufactured inkjet and laser toner cartridges.

Toner is a dry and powdery substance used in Laser printers and photocopiers to create text or graphics on a page. Originally they were just carbon based; however more recently they are a mix of carbon and polymer. The polymer is used to bind the fibres in the paper. Toner is popular as one cartridge can print thousands of pages.

Hope that helps!

UK Ink Supplies.

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